Looking to build a custom designed new home? or Renovate your existing one? Our team in mackay can create your dream home.

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Signature Service

Our team at Urban Trend Construction work closely with homeowners and Mackay’s leading construction experts to renew or create your home’s signature style from conception to completion.

Free initial on-site builder consultation

Urban Trend Construction offers prospective clients a free, at home consultation with our Builder to discuss the ideal way to renovate your existing home. You can ask questions and discuss design aspects, and be comfortable that ours is the right team for your renovation.

Proven planning system

Our exclusive three step conception to contract method saves you the client; money, risk and time.

Quality planning consultants

During the planning process, Urban Trend Construction will employ quality planning consultants on your behalf to prepare working drawings, footing and engineering design and private certification.

Deal directly with the builder

Urban Trend Construction’s clients deal directly with the Builder throughout all facets of the renovation process. This ensures all questions, concerns and changes are resolved immediately without stress to the homeowner.

Conceirge Customer Service

As an Urban Trend client you have 24 hour access to our Builder and your Personal Client Consultant.  Your renovation will be effortless with our assurance to be available at any time; day or night.


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