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Urban Trend Construction offer a range of renovation solutions, which are customised to suit your family's specific needs.

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Second Storey Additions

When there is limited room to extend, why not go up? A popular renovation solution for homeowners living on a standard house block is to add an additional level to their existing home.  Second storey additions are a great solution if additional bedrooms are needed for an expanding family, or can provide a whole floor sanctuary for the busy Mum and Dad with a new master suite, incorporating, master bedroom, ensuite, WIR and retreat.

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Ground Floor Extensions

So youve got room to move; then a ground floor extension is a great option.  Ground floor extensions are the ideal way to add additional outdoor/indoor living space.  Ground floor extensions can also with minimal impact to the existing home create great open plan living incorporating,  new kitchen, dining and living areas.

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Existing Home Remodels

If your home is a shrine to the ninetys peach or perhaps the seventys mission brown, but the layout still works for your family, an existing home remodel is a fantastic cost effective option.  Upgrade your kitchen and bathrooms while bringing the rest of your home into the 21st century with new floor coverings, paint and light fixtures.

kitchen renovation mackay

Historic Home Restorations and Extensions

Our team is passionate about our tropical historic architecture.  Talk to us about a renovation that maintains the historic charm features you love, while developing revised floor plan and/or extension for your historic home that suits modern life.

house builders mackay

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You are small home renovations builder with a largely local clientele. Your customers include existing home, units and townhouse owners looking to renovate their homes. To date your customers are mainly word of mouth or by advertising in the local paper. But times are tough and your future bookings are looking lean. This strategy identifies how to turn yourself into the builder of choice when it comes to home renovations and get the phone ringing! Who is your customer? You are small home renovations builder with a largely local clientele. Your customers include existing home, units and townhouse owners looking to renovate their homes. The target customer profile is therefore anybody who is seeking to renovate either part or the whole of their house. What is the best thing you can do for that customer? Renovations are dirty and messy, noisy and difficult to live with. They usually end up disrupting the home owners established routine and this is the main reason why most people choose to put off renovations until absolutely necessary. To become a preferred contractor you need to ensure that you make the entire renovating experience clean, quick, organized and hassle-free for the client. Affordability is also important so that more people are willing to dip into their savings for what may be more beautification rather than essential.
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when you think about Cars and how the paint Dresses the body, it is more than just getting well performing tyres.

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If you have recently acquired a residential property, be sure to factor in maintenance costs. The worst mistake a homeowner can make is moving into this new house and thinking, all you have to do is make mortgage payments to the bank and nothing else has to be done. However, the smart homeowner will realise that a property has to be kept properly maintained to keep costs down over the years. As soon as you spot something that needs to be repaired or replaced, do it as quickly as you can. When these repairs are not done quickly, more often than not, by the time it becomes really urgent, the cost to repair or replace will probably be double or triple what you would have had to have spent when it first showed up. If you notice moisture on any of your walls, take care of it immediately, neglecting it can cause mould or mildew to occur and getting the smell out and the damage repaired becomes an onerous task, to say nothing of dry rot that could develop, which could decimate your house altogether. So that's on a newer house.
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For anyone who is trying to build a home, they know that this is a big challenge to find a good new home builder. Nevertheless, it is worth all the trouble if you can finally build a house that you can claim as your own. Because building a house is a great personal project it takes lots of planning, money and effort. Furthermore, the need to seek for professional advice is more important than ever. other features that comes to mind. The best home builders usually do not require you to pay an additional surcharge for specific house features. Therefore, it is best to find a new home builder that can build your house with all the features you want with a standard package. This will ensure that you meet few complications as possible. If you think already to build your very own house, then here are a few tips to take note when choosing a right house builder. It is vital that you find a home builder that is capable of building any features that you may desire. Some of these features could be all brick exteriors and some even offer same-day loan approval. You can find a below a market interest rate on your financing if you do a little research and negotiating. Find a builder that does not slap you with hidden costs like closing costs and such. If you're lucky enough, you can even find house builder that do not require you to pay anything until a new house is completely finished., waterproofing on basement, flexible floor plans, vaulted ceiling, energy star rated home, specific bedroom plans, stick built construction, crawl space foundation, Buck Windows, fireplaces, garage door openers, overhead lighting in the rooms and many It is best when it comes to finding the best builder that offer 100% financing on your brand new house. All successful and reputable home builders offer a lot of flexible financing options for the upcoming new homeowners. Additionally, these successful home builders also provide an easy and fast application process,
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Double-Deficit Dyslexia is the term applied to the condition of individuals who have both Surface Dyslexia and Phonological Dyslexia. Auditory Dyslexia and Visual Dyslexia both stem from the magnocellular theory of dyslexia. This theory holds that dyslexics have neurological weaknesses in the magnocellular cells of the thalamus area of the brain. This area is where rapid processing of visual and auditory information takes place. Many studies have shown that dyslexics do have weaknesses in their visual and auditory processing, but not to the same degree. This means that there is a very close relationship and sometime confusion between these two types of dsylexia. A result can be that a child with poor hearing skills but with average visual skills may be diagnosed as having Auditory Dyslexia, whereas one with poor visual skills but average hearing may be diagnosed as having Visual Dyslexia. Then finally there is Orthographic Dyslexia. Orthography is the set of symbols or letters that make up a language. In English this is the 26 letters of the alphabet whilst in Japanese or Chinese it covers thousands of different symbols. And so Orthographic Dyslexia relates to problems in identifying and manipulating letters in reading, writing and spelling.
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