Looking to build a custom designed new home? or Renovate your existing one? Our team in mackay can create your dream home.

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Our Step by Step Concept to Completion Building Process

Step 1 - Initial On-Site Consultation:

Upon contacting Urban Trend Construction we will arrange a time for our builder to visit you and your family at your home to discuss your renovation objectives.

Step 2 - Concept Design:

Our builder will arrange a second on-site consultation to visit you in your home with our consulting designer, who will in consultation with Urban Trend provide you with existing and proposed floor plans and 3D perspectives.

Step 3 - Build Cost Estimate:

Our builder will provide a preliminary build cost estimate based on the plans provided by our design consultant.

Step 4 - Signing of Preliminary Agreement:

Once you have approved the preliminary estimate and instructed our builder you wish to proceed we will arrange a preliminary agreement and organize on your behalf working drawings, engineering drawings, and soil testing. During this time our builder will provide you with a fixed price quotation for your renovation works.

Step 5 - Signing of QMBA Contract Documents:

Upon approval of our fixed price quotation Urban Trend Construction will prepare the QMBA Residential Building Contract for signing of both parties.

Step 6 - Building Approval:

Upon signing of the QMBA Residential Building Contract, we will pay all relevant insurances and levies and lodge the Building Application for approval with an Independent Private Certifier.

Step 7 - Start of Construction:

Construction will commence on the specified date in the Contract once the Building Approval is obtained and a written Confirmation of Mortgage Settlement from your lender or evidence of owner capacity to pay the full contract price, along with proof of land ownership is received.

Step 8 - Construction:

During construction Urban Trend Construction's builder will fully supervise the build of your new renovation.

Step 9 - Practical Completion:

When all works are completed a suitable time will be arranged for a full inspection of your new renovation. The renovation warranties and certificates will be given to you upon final payment.

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